November 14, 2022
Still here and still standing! Like the old folks used to say... I'm glad I don't look like what I've been through! Slowly updating the site to offer a peek into my lovely stash of Mother Earth's most luxurious delights! :) I'll begin offering recipes and how to's for the home enthusiast, or a professional looking to enhance their current product line. Thanks for stopping by, stay tuned... More soon come! xoxo, Tisha
May 02, 2019
I've always given out freebie recipes to those in my presence... like, have you used this fruit for this? Have you taken a bath in this? Do you exfoliate with this? Well, now the time has come! DIY recipes on a blog :) Alrighty then! 10 years in the making, and as always... right on time! For this DIY you will need: 1 pineapple core 1 teaspoon honey of your choice 1 teaspoon ground passion fruit Mortar & Pestle or small blender So, we all know the numerous benefits of pineapple right? They...
April 29, 2019
Becoming a Hummingbird... Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Some we have created and have control over, others divinely designed to shake us from our own self-sabotage, smallness and prisons of mediocrity. When I disappeared, I was dealing with many of my own demons... as well as destructive uncontrollable forces: cancer, death and bankruptcy. Once I got over the devastation, I was left with emptiness and open spaces and places in my life. Thankfully, I am well loved and provided...
October 30, 2018
Celebrating 10 years of business... Celebrating the return of the butters!