Hapi Mane: Hydrating Hair Oil with Infused Mamey and Pequi



What is it:  A hydrating hair oil infused with Coconut, Sapote and Pequi fruits...bursting full of nourishing fruit oils, designed to restore moisture balance to dry, dull hair strands.


Where is it sourced:  Dominican Republic, Northern Brazil, Hawaii, India, Jamaica


How is it used:  In a multitude of ways, for all ethnicities and hair types.  Overnight conditioners, hair steams, hot oil treatments or daily serums... the list is endless.  Find some suggestions below.


Who is it for:  All ages.  Great results for any chemically altered hair such as perming or coloring.  Use also for babies and cradle cap!


When to use:  Use daily to refresh styles, or just add as a styling tool to reduce shedding, and strain on hair.


Available in Travel/ Sample 1oz Size  OR  Full Size 4oz Glass Bottle with Dropper


Suggested Uses for your Hydrating Hair Oil:
Overnight Conditioner: part the hair and apply directly onto scalp and brush to cover the shaft. apply more onto the ends if needed. listen to your hair... if you need more, add it until you reach your perfect coverage. place in a ponytail or bun and cover with a silk scarf to keep in moisture. shampoo out in the morning.

Hot Oil Treatment: apply to hair and scalp in same manner listed above, cover with plastic cap, and go under a warm dryer or hot towel for 10 minutes. shampoo out.

Protectant: apply to roots and ends prior to any heat styling instruments... flat irons, curling irons or pressing combs... will help seal the shaft and minimize damage by these tools.


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