Lip Butter: Shea Lip Balm with Black Castor Oil



What is it:  A powerhouse lip conditioner! Moisturizing combination of Virgin fruit butters... Shea and Cupuacu blended with hand pressed black Castor oil from Jamaica, oh and a bit of Beeswax. Enjoy the addition of tangy tangerines and a bit of mint for a fabulous herbal buttery balm that will protect from the elements, provides superior moisture and minimize fine lines.


Where is it sourced:  Ghana, West Africa, Brazil, Jamaica, USA


How is it used:  Apply to lips. Rub together. Be happy.


Who is it for:  All ages. Humans with dry lips.


When to use:  Use daily and often for best results of chronic dryness and peeling.  Everyday.


Available in Single or 4-Pack





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