Essential: All Natural Coconut Clay Deodorant



What is it:  An all-natural deodorant that is hand blended using age old ingredients for incredible funk-busting action!  Crafted using virgin Coconut Oil with odor reducing Baking Soda (naturally aluminum free!), wetness minimizing Kaolin Clay and therapeutic Essential Oils for maximum coverage that lasts ALL DAY!  A wonderful aroma of Lavender, Limes and Lemons... Smell GOOD when you sweat.


Where is it sourced:  Philippines, USA 


How is it used:  Apply to underarm area, rub into pit until white powders dissolve if desired.  This is NOT an antiperspirant!  Your body is designed to rid harmful toxins via your armpit.  Reapply as needed.


Who is it for:  Teens and adults... Can be used for younger ages, use caution since essential oils can cause irritation to more sensitive skins.  


When to use:  Use daily to achieve fresh smelling armpits :)



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