Shea & Kpangnan Body Butter


What is it:  An all-over use body butter made with Organic and Unrefined Shea and Kpangnan Butters, and blended with an herbal oil infused with Calendula and Rose Petals.  This rich butter is surprisingly smooth and easy to melt and apply to waiting skin.  The healing properties of the herbs will soften the toughest of rough dry skin, and smooth out any scarring or scaliness. 


The Lavender Shea & Kpangnan blends several species of lavender essential oils to offer the greatest relaxation for the mind and body.  Unwind at the end of a stressful day with the sweet blossoms of lavender... great for the whole family, you will melt into the bed :)  


Where is it sourced:    West Africa


How is it used:  Apply to damp skin and rub into dry areas until absorbed.  Re-apply as needed to combat peeling, flaking overly dry skin.  Can be used all over.


Who is it for:  Useful for all ages, smaller children should use the unscented or lavender versions to minimize any irritation to young skin.  


When to use:  Use daily to achieve even, smooth skin.  


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