Raw Black Soap: Complexion or Herb


Raw African Black Soap created in Togo, Ghana, upcycled in San Diego, California.  I think that is totally cool!  This raw soap comes to me raw and fresh in huge blocks of goodness:  roasted plantain, roasted cocoa pods, shea butter and bark, coconut oil and rain water.  Stirred and then formed into bricks to be sold as soap.  Deeply cleanses the skin and known to work miracles on acne prone, oily skin!


Been making this soap for awhile now.  Added some more scoops of Shea and Ucuuba Butter for added moisture and softness, because if you've used this soap you know it can be a bit drying :(  But!  It does work, and thus the added moisturizers.  Herbs and spices are added to increase benefits to the skin:  reduce acne, minimize redness, general skin maintenance, slow signs of aging, cleanse pores.


Comes in large bars ( 5oz ) that can be cut down to preserve life of the bar.  Because this soap is natural, please keep on a dry surface between uses.  Follow with moisturizer to reduce any dryness, reduce use to 3-4 weekly if skin becomes "tight".  You will still reap the benefits.  This WILL lightly stain white/light colored towels!


Complexion: Camu Camu, Amla, Pineapple, Pink Clay

Herb:  Burdock Root, Sea Moss, Neem & Frankincense




Black Soap Bar


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