Maracuja: Passionfruit Facial Oil



What is it:  Lightweight daily facial serum blended with Brazilian Passionfruit and Moroccan Prickly Pear Oil that delivers a powerhouse moisturizer designed to plump fine lines, smooth dehydrated skin, brighten dull skin and restore skin's natural elasticity.  Red Raspberry Oil assists with protecting the skin from harmful uv rays, erasing blemish and acne scars with ease!


Soaks into skin quickly with lasting glow and hydration.  Smells deliciously of ripe tropical fruits.  Beneficial tool to fight environmental factors to aging skin.  

Where is it sourced:  Brazil, Morocco, Philippines


How is it used:  Place a 2-3 drops into hands, and apply in upward strokes until fully absorbed.


Who is it for:  Teens and adults


When to use:  Daily after cleasning and toning face and neck area.  Apply as frequently as needed to maintain healthy, glowing skin.


Available in 1/4oz Travel Size or 1oz Full Size in glass bottle with Dropper



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