Wild Precious Oils


A luscious collection of Pure and Organic oils!  They are all uncut and minimally processed, this means you will receive these precious gems direct from Mother Earth to your hands.  Due to their unrefined quality, you will receive oils that contain their full color, aroma and natural textures.  Expect full spectrum healing and skin healing goodness in every drop!


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Moringa Oil (Virgin and Organic) - Known as the "Tree of Life" this miracle oil works wonders for protecting your skin from environmental toxins.  Very high in oleic acid (assists in calming, balancing and rebuilding skin issues), overflowing with antioxidants and fatty acids.  This oil is a must have for your medicine cabinet.


Acai Oil (Virgin and Organic) - This delicious super berry is just as luxurious on the skin!  Smells exactly as it tastes... sweet berry mixed with a hint of dark chocolate.  Works immediately to combat premature aging by plumping and hydrating directly to the inner layers of the dermis.   Abundant in Magnesium which helps skin support healthy moisture levels and elasticity.  Overflowing in vitamins and minerals allowing your skin to resist UV damage and reproduce healthy cells.


Buriti Oil (Virgin and Organic) - A Vitamin A POWERHOUSE!  This potently red oil is a wonderful source of carotenes 5x's that of carrots.  Contains what is known as retinol esters that are easily absorbed into the skin to boost collagen production and smooth fine line and wrinkles.  Also will brighten skin due to noticeable amounts of Vitamin C to minimize hyperpigmentation and repair sun damage.  In small amounts easy way to add color to lighter complexions.  


Andiroba Oil (Virgin and Organic) - This nutty almost spicy oleo resinous oil will quickly become your surprise stand out... Abundant in Omega 3 Fatty acids, this offering anti-inflammatory properties for relief from arthritis and acne conditions.  This rainforest gem will also help with repelling insects, hair fall and skin irritations.


Tamanu Oil (Virgin and Organic) - This precious green oil is cold pressed from  Tamanu Tree Seeds.  Great antibacterial oil for acne, keloids, eczema and a plethora of other troubling skin conditions.  Amazing oil for wound healing and akin regeneration with a green nutty natural aroma.  


These oils are great to use on their own, or diluted with any of our Organic Carrier Oils.  They can also be added to your favorite skin care product to enhance the beneficial properties.  They can be used tip to toe...  These products are offered with love.  Although I believe in their healing abilities, 


You will receive an amber 1/2oz glass bottle with a dropper for ease of distribution.   Shelf life is 9-12 from purchase.  Please keep in a cool dark place to ensure optimum freshness and optimal effectiveness.  Please indicate in NOTES during CHECKOUT which oils you choose in Choose 2.


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All Natural Fruit and Nut Oils


Fresh and hand-pressed oils have been used for ages with optimal effectiveness against dryness, sun exposure, skin irritations and hair care.  Their skin loving abilities keep our skin looking supple, feeling elastic and appearing smooth.  Direct access from tree or earth, minimally processed and bottled just for you!  Z


Enjoy adding these precious gifts from Mother Nature as you would lotion, directly after shower onto damp skin.  Or, add to your favorite skin or hair care product to boost benefits.  Also, use these oils to create your own luxurious body butters, facial oils or hair moisturizers and masks.


Choose from:


Passion Fruit Oil (Wild and Organic) - Technically named Maracuja, this tart juicy fruit has been a staple of my skin for years for countless reasons... Mainly the delicious citrus scent, and ability to soak into the skin effortlessly while adding numerous skin loving nutrients!  Contains medicinal alkaloids to assist with managing anxiety, while calming nerves and reducing stress... Just a couple drops rubbed in and inhaled will convince you of her power!  Used throughout the Amazon to moisturize dry skin and balance scalp conditions, great emollient to deeply hydrate and prevent moisture loss.


Black Castor Oil (Unrefined and Organic) - Thick, rich oil that has higher level of PH due to the roasting process of the castor beans resulting in an extremely beneficial oil know for being antibacterial and antifungal.  Amazing ability to minimize scalp dryness, reduce dry, chapping skin while thickening and darkening eyebrows and eyelashes. Also amazing for use in 'ol fashioned castor oil packs... Research, this old world healing!


Hemp Seed Oil (Virgin and Organic) - A must for every skin medicine cabinet!  This oil DOES NOT contain any hallucinogenic qualities, or THC present as it is cold pressed directly from the seed, not the leaf or fruit.  Promises and delivers potent Vitamins A, C, E and F along with precious antioxidants setting the stage for youthful, soft and clear skin.


Shea Nut Oil (Organic) -As we all know, the Shea Nut is KING and Queen of total and complete hydration.  A its butter relative, this is a fairly thick oil that spreads easily and provides lasting moisture for the skin, hair and nails.  Containing all the skin loving nutrients of shea butter, this easy to use oil doesn't need to melt prior to use while still containing large amounts of Vitamin E.  Great for hot oil treatments and in body scrubs.


Baobab Seed Oil (Wild and Organic) - Some of the oldest trees live 5000 years, and also known as the "Tree of Life" and a must have for dry skin! Silky oil that smells faintly of earth dried nuts and fresh air, this will truly blow your mind!  This lightweight oil soaks in quickly and doesn't leave a heavy residue while minimizing redness and inflammation.


You will receive an amber 4oz glass bottle with a dropper for ease of distribution.   Shelf life is 9-12 from purchase.  Please keep in a cool dark place to ensure optimum freshness and optimal effectiveness.  Please indicate in NOTES during CHECKOUT which oils you choose in Choose 2.


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