Organic Nut and Seed Butters


Purely decadent foundation for any body butter enthusiast!  These all natural vegetable butters have been gathered world wide to create your wildest dreams... From hard and firm to creamy and semi-solid, these potent moisturizers can be used as the building blocks of a great lotion, body butter or stand alone as they melt deliciously with body heat.


Choose from: 


Ivory West African Shea Butter (Organic and Unrefined) - This tried and true butter gets its creamy texture after hand gathering and boiling the seeds in a tireless effort to withdraw every skin loving drop of oil.  Overflowing in moisturizing fatty acids and stock full of Vitamins A and E, this thick cream will melt with direct skin contact and last for hours!  Known for its ability to destroy dryness and soothe chapped, weathered skin returning it to its smooth glory...  


Mango Seed Butter (Organic and Minimally Refined) - Mango butter is derived from the kernel of this juicy fruit, full of Vitamins A and C to soften your skin in minutes!  A great alternative for folks that have nut allergies as this is hypoallergenic and deeply hydrating to all layers of skin and hair.  Has a bit of a grainy texture that naturally melts upon contact with warm skin.


Cupuacu Seed Butter (Virgin and Organic) - This South American fruit comes from the Cupuacu tree which is in the Cocoa Butter family, smelling delightfully of a tart chocolate cream.  This decadent delight is known for its amazing moisturizing abilities for both skin AND hair.  


Babassu Oil (Organic and Minimally Refined) -  Another Amazon favorite that comes for the Babassu Palm Tree, is a semi solid oil that becomes hard in colder weather and liquid in warmer months.  Cousin of the Coconut, you will fall in love with its ability to make a creamy body butter, hydrating hair salve or hair detangler prior to shampooing.


Cocoa Butter (Organic Wafers) - This deep chocolate smelling butter is a long time friend of those with scarred skin, relentless dryness or deep skin scaring or stretch marks.  Overflowing with Vitamin E, this hard oil will need to be melted and incorporated in to a DIY project.  Not easily melted into skin.


Illipe Butter (Organic) - This unique hard butter comes to us from the forests of Borneo from the Shorea tree, this can be argued as one of the most highly hydrating of all the butters.  Highly protective against the elements and a great emollient that will not clog pores of irritated skin.  Hard to the touch, but melts easily and completely with contact.


Murumuru Butter (VIrgin and Organic) -  This butter is a collector's item for dry and frizzy hair.  Derived from the MuruMuru Palm in the Amazon, this creamy to hard yellow butter has a slightly smoky nutty smell that quickly melts deeply into your thirsty hair strands immediately alleviating dryness, split ends while adding shine and manageability.  Great for those with sensitive or dry skin, not so much for oily skin types.


Nilotica East African Shea Butter (Virgin and Organic) - This semi solid Ugandan Shea Butter is unlike its well known Ghanaian cousin.  Due to its creamier texture, it is much easier to apply and will melt immediately upon skin contact without the pronounced nutty smell traditional of Shea.   Leaves the skin soft and supple without heavy residue.    


Comes in a Reusable 8oz Wide Mouth Canning Jar for air tight storage, and easy meltability for DIY projects, or Kraft Bag (Cocoa Butter). 


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