The Balm: Deep Muscle and Joint Salve with CBD


UPDATED FORMULA!  Now with Organic California Hemp CBD Flowers and Magnesium Chloride!


What is it:  A strong brew of organic herbs (arnica, nettle), roots (ginger, comfrey) and flowers (lavender and hemp) infused for an entire moon cycle to harness their healing powers to minimize muscle soreness, tightness due to stress and improve mobility.  Crafted with African Shea and Kpangnan Butters, Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Emu Oil to penetrate deep into skin aiding the body on many levels.  A luxurious salve that softens as it heals, try me- you'll see why they call me ... The BALM!!!


Where is it sourced:  Ghana, West Africa, Australia, Jamaica, California grown Hemp


How is it used:  Massage into area of discomfort or pain until completely absorbed.  Works wonders with heating pad.  Reapply as needed.


Who is it for:  Teens and Adults.  Athletes (runners, hikers, yogis), Maturing folks (arthritis, swollen joints), Women (menstrual cramps, headaches)


When to use:  Use daily or as necessary to reduce pain and inflammation in body.  Great to use every evening to induce a good nights sleep!


 * The ORIGINAL recipe available upon request without cbd or magnesium, as a 9oz only.  Please send email for custom order, thanks!



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