These beautiful butters are presented to you in their raw state. Minimally processed.  Gently heated.  Not whipped.  Not hardened with wax.  Just simply gifted to you moments from Mother Nature's depths.  You will notice its natural qualities unchanged and authentic to the ingredient.  Sometimes tiny grains may appear, or beads of butter separate from the oils present... that's a completely normal part of nature.  It melts beautifully upon contact with body heat.  You will be amazed with the fresh smelling, beautiful gifts of Nature straight to YOU.

Shea Cuticle Pen


This deeply moisturizing oil dispenses easily from a twist function brush pen that delivers drops of deliciously scented oil directly to your cuticles.   Benefits of cuticle oil are numerous!  From increasing circulation to the nail bed helping to stimulate growth, to protecting polished nails for lasting shine while adding valuable moisture to damaged and cracked cuticle skin with a protective oil barrier.


Our raw Shea butter is blended with Prickly Pear and Jamaican Black Castor oils to deeply soak into your dry cuticles, leaving behind a delicious scent of Tonka Beans and Lavender.


Comes in a plastic twist brush pen, 5ml


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