Scentual: Essential Absolutes


Our sense of smell assists us with many aspects of our life.  When something smells "off" we know better than to eat it!  Well, our scent receptors are located next to our emotional center in our brains... so it only makes sense that fragrance can trigger or soothe our emotions.


These lovely fragrance blends are a creation of pure essential oils, resins and absolutes craftily layered until rich and deep perfumes emerge!   


Amber Sandalwood Blend:

The Sandalwood tree has long been considered Holy and known for its sweet, woodsy scent.  The Indian variety is the most coveted, but due to over harvesting, we use an Australian variety that mimics many of the long cherished qualities.  Known to reduce stress and induce a relaxing, peaceful mindset.  Provides also mental clarity and stability by reducing anxious thoughts and depression.  But, will get the juices flowing and is a known aphrodisiac!  Helps increase natural sexual desires and the smell alone can induce a scentual experience!


Our Sandalwood fragrance is blended with ancient ambergris notes, known for its animalistic muskiness.  Great for pulse points, adding to cosmetics or bath.  


Unisex blend that can be worn by both men and women.  Body heat and hormones will create a unique aroma that provides subtle scent soon to become your calling card!


Jasmine Citrus Blend:

The Jasmine flower is known as one of the sweetest floral scents known as the King of Flowers!  It is a principal scent in the majority of all perfumes produced around the world.  Known to energize your mood, as well as reducing stress on your limbic system and regulating menopausal symptoms.  


Our Jasmine Citrus fragrance oil is crafted using a unique citrus blend including mandarin, orange and grapefruit.  Sweet, sexy, floral blend that is for those who love to exercise their womanly wiles!  Great for pulse points, adding to cosmetics or bath.  


Comes in 1/3 oz clear glass bottle with roller ball


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H20 Soul: Wise Ones

This specialty blend of copper distilled hydrosols, therapeutic essential oils and resins offer more than a simple spritz!  This holy blend of known Holy Plants and Ancient Trees will both awaken your mind and balance your mood.


Crafted as a spiritual spray to diffuse negativity, release stress and restore a feeling of bliss and tranquility.  


Called the wise ones due to the blend of Holy Basil, Sweetgrass, White Sage, Pinion Pine, Palo Santo and Frankincense.  Use for this powerful blend to:


- Cleanse, Ground and make Sacred

- Uplift and Remove old, stale Energies

- Set Goals and Intentions... Magic in a Bottle!

- Energetic and Spiritual Protection, Keeping Evil and Harm away

- Great substitute for Smudging with Fire

- Brings in Luck and Prosperity


Comes in 2oz amber glass bottle with sprayer


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Breathe Life: Chest & Nasal Relief


Our aromatherapy stick is crafted after the idea of an old-school smelling salt.  Utilizing ancient practices of Menthol and Camphor to improve respiratory flow, this salve is a great helpmate in these days of biological warfare ( germs, viruses and artificial toxins) to minimize the effects of blocked airways, clogged lungs and irritants to the general respiratory system.


Powerful, but kind to those with sensitivities, this salve is handcrafted using therapeutic essential oils, raw Shea butter and Beeswax.  I have personally used this salve to assist with sore throat, ear aches and tense jaw with great success.  But I have to say:  I'm not a doctor, research the listed ingredients and see if they may be helpful for you!  Try a patch test to ensure compatibility.


Comes in 1/2oz standard plastic tube.


Virgin, Organic &/or Wild:  Shea Butter, Beeswax, Safflower Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Essential Oil blend containing Cypress, Black Spruce, Peppermint, Ravensara, Blue Mallee Eucalyptus, Frankincense and  Lavender and more.


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