African Black Soap


This African Black Soap begins its journey in Ghana.  This is hand sourced from a collective of women blessed with the handed down knowledge of how to blend natural items from the land into a usable soap blend.  They use a recipe consisting only of: Shea Butter, Plantain, Cocoa Pods and Red Palm Oil (ethically sourced and organic of course!)


Then, I bring my goodies to the party!  Adding in more skin moisturizing and smoothing qualities to this special soap.  Their benefits allow users to access the healing powers of black soap without the harsh drying effects to the skin.  


Herbal Bars: Egyptian Frankincense Water, Neem Leaves, Burdock Root and Sea Moss with Shea Butter


Complexion Bars:  Australian Pink Clay, Camu Camu, Pineapple, Passionfruit and Amla Berries with Ucuuba Butter


Both bars will deeply cleanse your pores without stripping the natural oils on the skin. The herbal bars are a great face and all-over body bar, while the complexion bar is specifically formulated for face, neck and decollete areas to minimize breakouts, razor bumps and more!


Great for those with:


Sensitive skin

Maturing skin... fine lines, wrinkles and what not

Dry skin


Comes in 5oz bar.  Great lather. Solid bar until the end, but remember to keep dry between uses, it is all natural!


P.s.. you can mix and match both for bulk orders :)



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Complexion Bars up front Herbal Bars taking up the rear
Complexion Bars up front Herbal Bars taking up the rear