Wildgathered African Black Honey



What is it:  This wild honey is brought to you from the unpolluted African rainforests under a fair-trade agreement.  A dark amber nectar that is wild, raw and unfiltered!  Because it has not been strained or heated, this ambrosia contains its full supply of pollen, propolis, vitamins, amino acids, sugars and antioxidants.  Truly a "living food".


Known to maximize moisture retention and  impart a soft smoothness to the skin.  Softens age spots and fine lines, while minimizing pores and naturally detoxifying skin.  Amazing results for acne sufferers and heals lasting blemishes and scars.


Where is it sourced:  Ghana


How is it used:  Apply daily as a cleanser to lightly misted face for easy spread or to a dry face for a deeper scrub.   Leave on up to one hour, but great to use as little as 5 minutes.


When to use:  Gentle enough to use daily as a cleanser, or twice weekly to minimize dryness, outbreaks and fine lines.


2oz in glass bottle with Dropper



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