Superfruit: Raw Mango Body Butter with Sapote Oil


What is it:  A dense, rich and creamy butter that plumps and hydrates dry skin.  Blended with Avocados, Coconut and Sapote fruits to soften and repair damaged skin leaving supple, hydrated skin behind.  Smells of fresh mandarin and juicy limes.


Where is it sourced:  India, Dominican Repulic


How is it used:  Massage butter into hands and apply to area, preferably freshly washed, damp skin.  Work into skin until fully absorbed.  Reapply as needed.  


Who is it for:  All ages.  Great results for dryness, mature and aging skin, small children, sensitive skin.


When to use:  Use daily for supreme results of smooth, hydrated and supple skin.





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