Selah: Ancient Sea Bathing Soak



Selah... Take Pause.  Go Within.  Listen...   This is a great gift to SELF.  YOURSELF.  Take some time for that. 


What is it:  Bathing has been used to mend the troubles of the skin and soul for lifetimes.  Ancient sea salts are harvested in the sun and added to this unique recipe to soften and mend skin with rich minerals and alkalinity necessary for ultimate skin health and renewal of cells.  A mix of 3 baths into 1:  Milk fats found in healing Goat's Milk, Organic Flower Blossoms and Roots are repairing, and Mango Butter and Black Honey for silkiness and moisture.  


Where is it sourced:  Israel, France, USA, Ghana, Brazil, India, Pakistan


How is it used: Use as a tea bag.  Soak in hot bath water for 10 minutes prior to entering bath.  Full instructions with packaging.  


Who is it for:  Grown folks who want to reduce stress, aging and dryness.  


When to use:  Once weekly to maintain soft, smooth, moisturized healthy skin.  Prepare time and space... one hour is optimal.


Comes in a kraft bag with 2 sachets.  Sachets are one time use only.


Choose from:


Mami Wata- Oakmoss, Rosemary and Spiralina


Lavender Bliss- Lavender, Peppermint and Rosehips





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