Molasses Body Rub: Molasses and Coffee Body Scrub



What is it:  A Shea Butter exfoliating body scrub blend with Egyptian Molasses, Rwandan Coffee Bean and Papaya Seeds.  Packed full of glycolic acid minerals and sugars designed to remove dead skin cells and damaging toxins while restoring moisture and softness!  Improve circulation, minimize cellulite and slow the aging process... Tighten, increase the GLOW and even TONE.  Smells deliciously of fresh coffee, sweet molasses and cinnamon.


Where is it sourced:  Ghana, Rwanda, Egypt, Brazil, USA


How is it used:  Apply to damp skin, and massage into wet skin in circular motions as skin loosens and releases.  Follow with a warm water rinse.    


Who is it for:  Grown folks who want to reduce excessive dryness, scaliness and oily skin.


When to use:  Once weekly to maintain soft, smooth, moisturized healthy skin.


9oz Glass Container 



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