Maracuja: Brazilian Facial Serum


Organic, Unrefined Maracuja or Passionfruit Oil contains a rich, citrus smelling pulp that is overflowing with wonderful skin loving nutrients.  This Amazon oil is cold-pressed and overflowing with Vitamin C... it soaks deeply into the skin without clogging the pores, and mends the skin from blemishes and scars.


It is a great everyday AND night repairing oil blended with other Rainforest gems:  Buruti and Babassu oils for their unbeatable hydrating power.  Also, Japanese Yuzu essential oil is added for extra toning, repair and moisture. 


Smells deliciously of fresh picked exotic tropical fruits.... best kept refrigerated to maintain freshness and vitality.  Only 3-5 drops needed per use.


Eco-friendly amber glass bottle with dropper


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